Because we didn’t buy textbooks

Book Worm BotThis time we did something different.

We entered our social studies curriculum adoption cycle and we made a departure from our past practice.  We decided to spend a year focusing on instructional pedagogy before we started looking at all the materials various publishers have to offer.

We immersed ourselves in learning about powerful pedagogy that stimulates student engagement, instruction that evokes critical thinking, and learning structures that support authentic problem solving and exploratory learning and deep understanding and excitement and passion and fun.

And when our state adopted new social studies standards we reviewed them with a critical eye and we still held off looking at materials and we thought about how we wanted to teach to impact student learning. And when we read the research and reviewed the literature, we decided to look at various materials from various publishers and we thought…we’d rather not buy textbooks this time. If we didn’t buy textbooks, we could do something different.

Because we didn’t buy textbooks

we were able to purchase digital tools that could engage students in active, connected learning.

Because we didn’t buy textbooks…

we were able to think about the world as our world geography curriculum and the plethora of information that is ready at our fingertips and a click away.

Because we didn’t buy textbooks…

we were able to think about possibilities that didn’t exist for us because we didn’t have the resources to learn like global citizens


So now….we don’t have text books and we will be sharing what we have instead – and – all the things we are doing to support learning in our classrooms with out them.

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