my training archive

I’ve been a regular presenter at the Tointon Institute for Educational Change for the past 10 years.  The Tointon Institute provides Principal and Teacher Leadership training to Colorado educators four times a year.

Through my work with the Tointon Institute, I’ve had the privilege to provide additional onsite consulting to a variety of schools endeavoring to strengthen their systemic practices.

As a district administrator, I also provide regular professional development training on a variety of topics related to school improvement.  Below is an archive of my most recent consulting work.

School Renewal Training Slides

Thompson Curriculum & Instruction Wikispace

2 thoughts on “my training archive

  1. Hi Diane,
    I found your site via an unpacking PD video you have posted on youtube. I would really like a copy of the unpacking documents that you used in the youtube video. Would you be so kind as to share? I’m filling out my name and email info below. I hope to use them in the design of unpacking PD with teachers in Florida.

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